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October 8, 2017. 

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Kingdom Speech

Kingdom Speech

Ezekiel 37:1-10

It is so important  for you and I to watch what we say.  Your words are powerful.  Your words have the power to cause life and blessing or death and cursing.     

You and I must speak the Word of God which is the breath of God.  There is no life outside of the Word.    In Genesis 2: 7  The Lord God formed man from the soil and breathed into the nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.  In John 1:3 All things were made by Him(the Word) and without Him(the Word) was not any thing made that was made.  In Him(the Word was life)  When God breathed into the nostrils of man He breathed the Word into man so that man would breath the Word out. The Word comes in and the Word comes out.  For far to long we have been breathing in another word and breathing out that same word.  We need to breath in the Word of God, allow it to flow in us and absorb into our blood which flows into our heart and then pump out the Word from the inside to the outside.  

       Come breath of God and breath in us the Word of God.   Mouth I command you to breath, to speak, the Word of God.  When you and I speak the language of the King He will blow on it.  God I give you permission to arrest my words so I can reverse what I have spoken over my life and others.   See, some of the problems we are in or are facing we have spoken into our lives. 

         We need a fresh wind / a fresh breath/ a fresh word/ a fresh language/ a fresh speech to breath in us and to flow from us. 

Ezekiel was taken in the Spirit . You need to know that you are so powerful in the Spirit that when you speak life takes place, revival takes place.   We are in revival, we are being revived, and we are called to release revival.  Our speech needs to be revived, our mouths, our lips, and our tongues need revived.  (to come back to a former state, a state of purity, a state of integrity, a state of truth, a state of lovely, and a  state of good reports.

Ezekiel was in the Spirit, In the spirit you are powerful, 

                                         In the spirit you see differently

                                         In the spirit you hear differently

                                         In the spirit you speak differently.

If you and I want to speak the Word with power, see the Word differently, hear the word differently, then we must stay in the spirit.  You and I are spirits that live in a body.  Father God is a spirit and those who worship Him shall worship(obey) in Spirit and in truth(Word) .  So we must be in the spirit at all times and when we are we will also be in the truth(Word) 

Everybody say I’ve got some bones that are dry. 

           What are dry bones -----    The word dry means withered, confused, dried up, lacking water(word), disappointments, failures, shame.  The word bones speak of the body, substance, life, strength, structure.

What are the dry bones in your life, What areas are lacking in your life, lacking the Word(water) what  areas in your life are lacking structure, strength, substance.  What structures are falling apart in your life, what structures are dried up, withering, and failing in your life.  ( EXPAND ON SOME DRY BONES IN PEOPLES LIVES)

God is asking can these bones live?    These failing structures need life, need the breath, the water, the Word to revive them. 

Notice in verse 4 it says Again He said to me, Prophesy to these bones and say to them , O you dry bones, Hear the word of the Lord.(repeat).   This verse tells us that the Lord had already told Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones.  He said again(once more, another time, in addition to)  see you have spoken this before but nothing has changed.  Speak to the dry bones in your life again, once more, another time, and in addition to what you’ve said before.  Its time to speak, Its time to prophesy, its time to command.  There are three levels of speech,   1) speaking

                              2) inspired speaking(prophesying)

                              3) command or the command of Faith.

Some of us have just been speaking and just plain speaking words,  but when you speak from  inspiration in the spirit, what you speak is breathed on from the Lord and takes place.    The command speech or the command of Faith is even a higher place than speech that is inspired.

Again you need to speak to the dry bones in your life and say them Hear the Word of the Lord.   The failed structures, the disappointed areas, the dried up things in your life  need to hear The Word of the Lord.  That dry mouth, that dry praise, that dried up prayer life, that dried up gift,, talent, finance, tongue, lips,   .   (come on you name some dried up areas , and say Hear the word of the Lord.  

Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word Of the Lord.  Get into the Spirit, According to Jude 20 Build up your most holy faith praying in the Holy Ghost.  Rebuild those dying structures praying (speaking, singing) in the Holy Ghost.  You need to pray in tongues more, some of us have dried up, and are withering because we are not praying in tongues enough,  some of you  need the filling of the Holy Ghost, some of you need the baptism of Holy Ghost with power and the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Hear the Word of the Lord  .  The Lord says ------------  I will (not maybe) cause breath(word) and spirit to enter you(that dry bone) and you Shall live(not just survive, not just making ends meet, you shall live, you shall prosper, you shall have great success.

I will lay sinews upon you .  Sinews talk about the source of strength, Power, vigor, resilience.(explain, some have fallen and are struggling to get back up , be resilient)    Hear the Word of the Lord,, I will lay strength, upon you, I will lay power on You , I will lay vigor ( active strength, healthy physical, and mental energy, power, vitality, healthy growth)  I will lay upon you resilience (able to bounce back easily, ability to recover readily from illness, anxiety, depression, adversity, ability to return to original form and position.

I will bring up on you flesh .  Flesh speaks of muscle, substance, tissue.   I will bring upon you the substance of things hoped for.,  What have you been hoping for.  Better yet what are you confidently expecting.

I will cover you with skin.  Skin speaks of covering, a hedge.  Hear the word of the Lord you dry bones I am covering you.   The Lord is saying I have you covered,  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  I am your shield, your covering, your hedge of protection.  Psalm 91  Those  who dwell(live permanently) in the secret place of the most High shall remain under the shadow(covering) of the Almighty, whose power no foe can withstand.  I will SAY , SPEAK , PROPHESY  of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress , My God, and on Him I confidently trust.  I am seated in Heavenly High places.

I will put my word in you and spirit in you and you dry structures will live, and you shall know (intimacy) understand and realize that He is the Lord Who calls forth loyalty and obedience.;

So be ready for a noise, a voice, a sound

A shaking---  vibration, quaking, a rushing, spring to come forth

A trembling ---   Phillipians 2:12-16

A rattling.---  to talk rapidly, a rapid succession of short, sharp sounds,

Acts 3:  1-9

Look at us!!   The man looked intently at them with expectation!  Then Peter says Silver and gold I do not have but what I have I give to you Jesus the Christ .  What did Peter and John have ?   They had the Word(Jesus) and the Spirit of the Living God.  They were breathing the word, and the Spirit of God and as they breathed the Word Came out. 

This man didn’t need money, money wouldn’t help him, wasn’t going to give him structure.  What was going to Give this man structure was the Word of truth, the word of Faith, the Word of Confident expectation and the word Love.  The man was a crippled, been taken to the entrance of the temple all his life,  This time was different, He was expecting something different.  Its different this time for you, your expecting, your faith is arising and God wants a new structure, a revived structure .  The structure this man was speaking into wasn’t working, the structures you have built aren’t working, the bones need reviving, so speak the word of Faith, speak the word of confident expectation, speak the word of Love, and see your structures change.  This man received the structure of the living word, not the dead word, the living word. 

Not only did Peter speak the word He had a corresponding action to the word He spoke.

The corresponding action was Faith.  When you speak the Living word and when there is a corresponding action structures in your lives begin to change.  Not only the structure changed, the atmosphere changed(no longer was he on the outside, He was on the inside.  His covering changed.  No longer was the man in lack he had become rich.

Peter and John understood something, like Ezekiel  .  they understood the Law of thy mouth(language,speech) 

Psalm 119:72   The law of thy mouth is better to me than thousands of gold or silver pieces”

The law of thy mouth, the precepts of thy mouth, the principles of thy mouth, the instructions of my mouth, the teaching of my mouth, the speech of my mouth, the language of my mouth,  When I speak the word of God, the language of the King it produces results and is better than any thing on the face of the earth..

For this man everything changed and he began leaping--- to spring forth, leap up,

 He began to stand up---new bones(new structure)  He began to walk -new sinews(new source of strength, new power, active strength, healthy, and new resilience.

He entered a new place, new dimension,  New flesh, new muscles, substance, tissue.  Leaping gushing forth in a new language, a language he had never spoken before, praising The living God with life filled words.  

Are you ready for new and revived structures, new and revived strength, power, vigor and resilience.  Are you ready for new flesh muscles, new substance, revived faith, Are you ready for new skin, revived skin, a revived covering. .  ………..  Then stand to your feet and in the next sixty seconds I want you to prophesy over  your bones, over your sinews, over your flesh, over your skin .   Let the Word of God cause a noise to come forth, let the Word cause a shaking, a trembling, and a rattling, and begin to leap up, stand up, walk forth, leaping and praising your way into a new atmosphere, a new climate, a new stronghold.  Prophesy, prophesy Prophesy.  New structures, living structures,  apply your faith put forth action to what you are prophesying, change your direction and see what the Lord has done in your life.  

Begin to see things differently, live , speak, walk in the spirit.

Now Thank the Lord .   Come on I said thank the Lord

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