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October 8, 2017. 

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Zayin - 7th Letter Hebrew Aleph Bet

Hebrew Aleph Bet – letter Zayin

Review - Aleph – father

                Bet – son – testifies of the father

                Gimmel – Holy Spirit – testifies of the son

                  Dalet – Door – or poor – gimmel comes to the poor mans door of the heart – if opened

                  Hei – breath of God comes in

                  Vav – represents the new man, new creation

                   Zayin – weapons are given for warfare

Letter -  Zayin

Number – seven

Word –  Zayin - weapon

Picture – weapon/sword

Symbolic meaning – to cut, cut off

Psalm 119: 49-56

   First word in each verse starts with a zayin word in Hebrew

Vs 49 – remember – zakar – means to mark so as to be recognized, to remember, to mention, be mindful, recount, record, make to be remembered, bring , keep, put in remembrance ,

 What is the psalmist saying – he is saying to God remember , mark so as to be recognized, to mention, be mindful , recount, record, keep in remembrance your Word unto your servant -  in other words he is reminding God to remember His Word His promises -  of which You(God) have caused me to hope.  In other words God causes us to Hope by remembering

Vs 50 -  what is the psalmist really saying – as I remember Your Word , your Word revives me and gives me life in the midst of consolation and affliction

Vs 51- the psalmist is saying the more I remember your Word in the midst of derision(ridicule, mockery) my interest in your torah has not declined

Vs 52 -  remembering your judgements of old comfort me

Vs 53 – Horror ( zalawfaw – a glow of wind or anger, also a famine as consuming, terrible) has taken a hold because the wicked forsake(neglect, forget) the torah – torah is a weapon

Vs 54 – statutes have been my songs (zawmeer) root means to praise – zayin is a weapon and so praise is a weapon

Vs 55 – remembered your name(character, authority, nature, power)  in the night(adversity) and have kept your torah ---  what about you – what do you remember in the midst of adversity?

Vs 56 – this I had ( or this I have remembered and so I have kept your precepts .

Zayin is a picture of a weapon ( a sword)

-              2 Cor 10: 4 ---   weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are spiritual –

  What are weapons of our warfare – torah ,  His Word, , remembrance, praise, Praying in the Spirit, Sabbath,

Deut 32:7-8

Remember – when the most High divided  (or cut) ---

Proverbs 10: 7 the memory of the righteous is blessed –

Numbers 14; 11 – failed to remember what God had done for them – God cut them off of going into the promise land

Zayin is the number  seven --    seventh day is separated from the rest of the week -   Word says remember the Sabbath – rest – rest is also a weapon

There are seven miracles on the Sabbath listed in scripture

1)            Withered hand healed Mat 12: 10

2)            Unclean spirit delivered Mark 1:23

3)            Fever healed Mark 1: 29-30

4)            Spirit of infirmity of 18 years Luke 13: 10-11

5)            Dropsy healed Luke 14: 1-2

6)            Impotent man healed John 5: 8-9

7)            Man born blind healed John 9: 14-15

Zayin in our toolbox to overcome all obstacles  in spiritual warfare

Seven times the blood was sprinkled on the mercy seat – denotes completion

7 weeks when counting omer --  leading up to Pentecost

Feast of the Lord go from first month to 7 month ---  7 feast of the Lord

Number 7 is to divide, speaks of finality, completeness, fullness

Isaiah 11: 2

Seven Spirits of God ---  1) Spirit of the Lord

                                            2) Spirit of Wisdom

                                             3) Spirit of Understanding

                                             4) Spirit of Counsel

                                              5) Spirit of might

                                              6) Spirit of Knowledge

                                              7) Spirit of Fear of the Lord

All these can be seen as weapons of our warfare ----

Zech 4: 10  ------ Rev 1: 12-14

     7 eyes of the Lord --   the menorah ---- eyes as flame of fire

Seventh commandment  --- thou shall not commit adultery --  adultery cuts someones heart In two

As the two become one ---  therefore cuts the heart in two – this is why the need of breaking off soul ties.

Malachi 4:4 – oversized Zayin letter in the word Remember in Hebrew  - since zayin represents a weapon of the Spirit – remembering the torah is here depicted as a great weapon to be used in spiritual warfare in our lives ---

      Luke 4: 4, 8, 12

 Jesus used the torah as a weapon in spiritual warfare with the devil in the wilderness

   Man shall not live on bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Father Deut 8; 3

   Thou shall worship the Lord God thy God and Him only shall you serve   Deut 6: 13

Thou shall not tempt the Lord they God  Deut 6: 16

Psalm 9: 11    -  sing praises  - this word sing is a Zayi Word -  zamar – to touch the strings of an instrument, to make music accompanied with a voice, celebrate in song and music, give praise – praise then is a weapon

Zamar can also mean prune -  to prune means to cut --   so Zayin also cuts

So we sing praises unto God and we allow Him to prune us or cut things off of us

Zayin is a double edged sword -  Hebrews 4: 12

           Romans 11: 22 the goodness of God and the Severity of God

Zayin can mean sword but it can also mean nourishment – the root to zayin is zan and it means nourishment – in order to be nourished and at rest there are times we must engage in spiritual warfare.

Gen 1: 11   --   Zayin word for seed is Zera --  seed  

Joel 3: 17  --  stranger – zayin word zoor – to turn aside from lodging, strange, foreign , profane, to commit adultery,  

Another Word Ezer – means helper, help mate -  the one who sees the enemy coming(protector)

Woman in jewish wedding walks around the husband 7 times as protector -   Jer 31:22 woman is the protector --- 

Word for enemy is with an ayin and resh – the Hebrew word for helper/ally is Ezer – ayin zayin, resh – means to protect or surround --- this word in picture form means the one who sees the enemy coming ( helper) wife is the helper –remember Eliezer – Abrahams helper means God’s helper

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