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October 8, 2017. 

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Hebrew Alpha bet - Letter Yod

Picture --- of a hand, arm, closed hand

Number --- 10

Word ----- yod/Yad

Meaning – literal /symbolic – a deed, to make, work, power,

The Yod is the first letter in God’s name YHVH, YEHOVAH,

Jesus name starts with the Yod – Yeshua, Yawshua

Jerusalem – Yerusalem Jacob – Yaakov ,,, Israel – Yisrael,

Psalm 119: 73-80

Vs 73 - Hands – yad --- hand, the open one indicating power, means, direction, --- in other words your hand(power, direction has made me and fashioned(stand perpendicular, erect, set up, established, fixed, prepared, appointed, confirmed, directed, framed, made provision)

Vs 74 – fear thee – Yare – reverent -- those who fear( revere) God should be glad to see you because you hope(yachal- waited, been patient, stayed, tarried, trusted) in the Lord

Vs 75 – I know – yada – to know, to perceive, see, observe, care, recognize, designate, understand, discern, teach, declare, advise, discover, instruct, ----- faithfulness – firmness, security, stability, steady, truly, truth --------------afflicted chasten, dealt hardly with, humbled, weakened, submit self

Vs 76 – Is His merciful kindness your comfort ? His Word brings His merciful kindness

Vs 77 – in other words I receive your tender mercies and I am living as a result of your tender mercies , and your torah(your instructions are my delight(pleasure, enjoyment)

Vs 78 - what do you meditate on – is it on what has be wronged or on His Word

Vs 79 – known- those who know you intimately and know your testimony intimately – let them turn towards me

Vs 80 - are you ashamed of His Word, His Hand, His power in your life

The Letter yod is the 10th letter of Hebrew aleph bet --- so it is the number 10 – 10 is a number marking completion and order .

10 generations from Adam to Noah – 10 generations from Noah to Abraham

10 Plagues in Egypt

10 commandments - 10th being ---shall not covet your neighbours (what someone else has)

There are 10 days of Awe from Tishri 1 to Tishri 10 – culminating in Yom Kippur(day of atonement)


which occurs on the 10th day of Tishri –(7th month in religious calendar – first month civil calendar)

1oth day of Nisan the Passover lamb was picked Exodus 12: 3 – Jesus was picked on the 10th day (Matt 21: 6-11) (1st month in religious calendar and 7th month in civil calendar)

Jesus’ Use of 10

There were 10 virgins (Matt 25:1-13). 5 wise, 5 foolish - 5 were diligent in buying oil (intimacy Yada)

There were 10 lepers (Luke 17:11-19). -- one returned --- one returned to praise God (Yadah)

There were 10 talents (Matt 25:14-30). Hid the talent --- did not invest(work) the talent(yod)

There were 10 minas (Luke 19:12-27). Hid the mina --- did not invest or work the mina(yod)

There were exactly 10 “I AM’s” spoken by Jesus in the Gospel of John.

The tithe is a 10th - the tenth shall be Holy unto God

Mysteries of the Yod in a Torah scroll

Deut 32: 17 ---- extra small yod “you neglected the rock who begat you” -- meaning Yahweh is made “small” when we turn away from Him through neglect.

Numbers 14: 17 --- an oversized Yod - “let the power of my Yah be great” - reason for large yod – Moses intercession for the people of Israel is made, and the oversized Yod depicts the mighty power of Yaweh to Save, even to the uttermost

Exodus 32: 19 – a missing yod – in the word ketiv(which normally has a yod)

– moses cast the tables from His hands - this shows when Yahweh’s law is broken, His indwelling Presence and Power is lost in our lives

The Word Yah is the shortened form of God’s name – the Yod represents power, might, ownership and creative work of Yah – the Hei represents the Holy Spirit – the Yod is more masculine while the Hei is more feminine – the characteristics of these two letters are reflected in the Hebrew words for man( ish) and woman ishah. The Hei(5th letter) has the softest sound of all the letters- being a mere exhalation of breath- it is affixed to the ends of words to form a feminine ending. This letter found at the end of ishah(woman) but yod , which mans hand and represents power, and the work of forming things. This is seen in the word Vy’yitzer which means and he formed. When we look closely at this word we see two yods in it, representing the two hands of YHWH used to form man from the dust of the earth. Yod is the letter found in the centre of the Word Man – showing that not only was man created by God, but within man is to be the Power and Presence of God

When God made man and woman, he placed the yod in man and hei in woman, causing them to display the corresponding characteristics of God in their natures. One with out the other is incomplete. But together the husband and wife empowered by God and indwelt by his Spirit depict God’s nature to the world. When man loses the characteristic of the yod(power, presence) and the woman loses the characteristic of the hei (breath of God)then all that is left is eesh _ the word for fire which consumes them in their unholy desires to live apart from God’s grace.

The yod is considered the “atom” of the consonents – the yod is the most frequently occurring letter in the scriptures as well is the smallest of the letters. Suspended in mid air the yod is the smallest of the Hebrew letters the “atom” of the consonants and the form from which all of the other letters


begin and end .

In Jewish tradition the Yod represents a mere dot, a divine point of energy. Since the Yod is used to form all the other letters and since God uses the letters as the building blocks of creation, Yod indicates God’s omnipresence . In fact the word Yod itself depicts something of the geometry of Creation. It begins with the Yod itself as a dot and then moves downward from the divine toward the created order to form Vav(the hook of creation) Finally it moves outward in the horizontal realm as dalet(doorway of creation)

Heb 1: 3 - Jesus upholds the world by the Word of His power – since the yod is part of every Hebrew letter and therefore every word, Yod is considered the starting point of the presence of God in all things – the spark of the Spirit in everything.

The Letter yod being the smallest letter is a picture of humility, yod can be seen as a mark of humility in the text numbers 12: 3 --- that says Moses was the most humble man upon the earth - the Jewish scribes say that an extra yod is inserted in the word ana(humble or meek) to emphasize the humility of moses.

Israel is likewise called the “smallest of the nations” – Deut 7:7 and is considered a type of yod before the great nations of the earth .

Spiritual meaning – yod = 10 and means hand or works of God

Yod can mean the active/grasping hand – spiritually speaking the yod can mean grasping in the Spirit (understanding)

Yod is the first letter of yada meaning to know intimately

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