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October 8, 2017. 

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The Voice of the Judge

The Voice of the Judge

Who has the final say in a court of law?

    By the same token, the Judge in the court of heaven also has the final say in every case.

    In 1 Kings 22:19-23 there is a debate going on.

Who passed the final sentence?

Father and Judge

Heb 12:23

Who is the Lord revealed as?  (Judge of All)

    Our job is to grant the Judge of All the legal right to fulfil His fatherly passion.

Will God compromise Himself as Judge to fulfil His fatherly desires?

Removing the Legal Right of the Enemy

Proverbs 26:2 - As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.

    A curse cannot land on you without a legal right. (story from the book p.132)  Micah 2:1-3 shows how this happens.

Can God compromise Himself as Judge to fulfil His Fatherly passion?

What is always His passion, bless or curse?  James 1:16-17

    If Satan has a legal right to do something, God must allow it.  In Job Satan had a accusation about the motives of Job.  Once Job set things in order, the accusation was cleared and God restored Job.  Whenever evil occurs we need to look for the legal right that allows it.  You may feels God’s heart and feel a need to pray in a situation but see no results because the enemy has a legal right.

Repentance, The Missing Key

Matthew 16:18-19

    We have the authority to both set in place and remove legal things for God’s Kingdom purpose.  Anything Satan is doing in nations is because of the sins on generations, including us.

How do remove his legal right to do such things?  2 Tim 2:25-26

    When we repent we grant God the Judge all the legal rights needed to render verdicts from His throne in agreement with His Kingdom purposes.

The Mandate of the Ecclesia

Gen 18:20-21

What came to God’s attention?

What was His response?

    In Gen 18:17-18 God brings this situation to the attention of Abraham.  Why?

    God wants a legal standing to show mercy and He knows Abraham would seek to give God that reason.

Gen 18:22-26

    Abraham petitioned God as God the Judge and expecting a righteous judgement.  In Gen 18:32-33 they came to a legal and binding decision.  What was that decision?

Why did Abraham stop at 10?

In Jewish culture, ten was the smallest number that could constitute a government or a whole or complete group.  Ten is a number of completeness.  

  1. It is used to designate Abraham’s tithe to Melchizadek – ‘a tenth of everything’ (Gen.14: 20). Probably in Abraham’s understanding, ten percent of any set is the best representation of the whole group. 
  2. Abraham’s descendents are promised the land of ten (rf'[') ethnic groups (Gen 15:19- 21). 
  3. Sarah waited for ten (rf'[') years in Canaan before she gave Hagar to Abraham (Gen. 16: 3). 
  4. The servant takes ten (rf'[)' of his master’s camel (Gen. 24:10). 
  5. Rebekah is given two gold bracelets weighing ten (rf'[)' shekels (Gen.24: 22).
  6. Rebekah’s family requests Abraham’s servant for Rebekah to remain with them for ten (rf'[') days (Gen.24: 55). 
  7. Jacob, the supplanter, was cheated ten (rf'[') times by Laban (Gen 31:7).
  8. Ten (rf'[)' of Joseph's brothers went down to buy grain from Egypt. (Gen 42:3). 
  9. Joseph sent ten (rf'[') male and female donkeys loaded with the best things of Egypt for his father (Gen 45:23). 
  10. The smallest group formed by Moses was of ten (rf'[') members (Ex 18:25)

So He was saying that if He could find enough righteous men to form a government, the city would be spared.

    In reference to today we do not need an entire nation or an entire federal government to repent, we only need a governmental representation of the population to petition the courts of Heaven for mercy instead of judgement.  This is what the ecclesia is to do.  We are that governmental representation in the courts of heaven to secure blessing for a nation and a generation.  God will spare nations for the sake of the Ecclesia if we are righteous.

Does this work both ways?  Will an unrighteous Ecclesia bring destruction?

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