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October 8, 2017. 

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The Voice of Angels in the Courts

On what does a judge base his decision? 

    To get a favourable judgement the proper evidence must be presented.  A judge may have an idea about what is the proper judgement but without evidence, that  decision cannot be made.  In heavenly courts angels gather and present evidence and release necessary testimonies.  

    Earthly judges are pleased when a court renders a verdict that is fair, one that the judge feels is correct.  God, the heavenly judge, is also pleased when He can render a verdict that is correct.

Why does God need our agreement with the testimonies of heaven?

Ps 115:16 - The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S [literally, the heavens are heavens of Jehovah]: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.

    We give God the legal right to intervene on earth.  Hebrews  12:22 tells us there is an innumerable number of angels.

Colossians 1:16 - How many dimensions or ranks of angels are there (at least)?

    This is not talking only of the Satanic realm.


Is there only one throne in heaven, or many different thrones of different ranks?

    The word for throne can also be translated as ‘a potentate’, one with political power.  Since thrones are listed first they must be occupied by archangels.

1 These 4:16 - Who will accompany Jesus when He returns?

    The archangels play a part in bringing the dead back to life.  Archangels are very powerful.

    In Jude 8-9 the archangel Michael contends with the devil.  Michael was careful to stay within his jurisdiction.

How did Michael handle the situation?  He had Jesus rebuke the devil.  If the archangels have to be careful of their jurisdiction, so should we.


    Henderson feels these are the cherubim.

Exodus 25:21-22.  Here Moses is shown what is in heaven and to to make a replica on earth.  The cherubim on the mercy seat of the ark are the same as the cherubim on the mercy seat in heaven.  God would speak to Moses from this mercy seat.   The real ark of the covenant is part of the heavenly court system.

Rev 11:9.  John saw the ark.

Ezekiel 28:14.  Who is the anointed cherub?  This passage also reveals three things about the cherubs.

  1. They are anointed.  (they have supernatural empowerment and serve a function)
  2. They cover and defend.  This is why their wings cover the mercy seat
  3. They are on the holy mountain of God, a place of government and judicial authority


    There are both demonic and Godly principalities.  Henderson feels these are the seraphim.  

Isaiah 6:1-3.  What is their job?  They declare the perpetual holiness of God.  Rev 4:8.

    Seraphim actually means a serpent and the Revelation reference says they have wings.  The serpent in the garden was sentenced to crawl on his belly.  This is what made the judgement of God so strong.  Demonic principalities are sometimes seen as dragons.  Seraphim function in the courts of heaven and demonic seraphim function within regions of the earth to try and thwart God’s plans.


Psalms 103:20.  This shows angels are part of the hierarchy of heaven.  These are the messengers that carry out the verdicts of the courts of heaven.  They empower and help us to execute the judgements from the courts of heaven.  

Zech 5:1-4.  What do these ‘powers’ do?  They carry scrolls of judgement.  These scrolls must be landed and made manifest on earth.

Acts 3:19-21.  What is the process for all things to be restored?repentance, refreshing, restoration, return


    Jesus is being held until all that the prophets spoke becomes a reality in the church and the world.  The job of the Ecclesia is to get the verdicts in the courts of heaven and then have them landed on earth.  Our prayers lead to scrolls being released.  We need angelic and prophetic help to have them landed.

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