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Hebrew Letter Tet

Tet –

Psalm 119: 65-72

In this passage we see important principles for spiritual Life – when we forsake the serpent’s rbelllious path and having entered the Path of Life through meekness, submission, and humble obedience to the Lord.

We see the awareness of judgement – the ultimate reward coming to the obedient vs the immediate “rewards” to the earthly.

Each verse in Hebrew starts with a teth word

Vs 65 - good –(tob) good, well, beautiful, best, better, bountiful, cheerful, at ease, be in favour, graciously, joyful, kindly, loving, precious, prosperity, wealth, welfare, be well, well, favoured

Vs 66 - good/judgement - good –(tub) in the widest sense,, especially goodness, beauty, gladness, welfare, fair, joy, go well with --- judgement (ta’am) – a taste, that is perception, intelligence , a mandate, advice, behaviour, decree, discretion, judgement, reason, taste, understanding

Vs 67 – before – (terem) – to interpret or suspend, before, not yet, ere ----- afflicted – chasten, discipline, humbled

Vs 68 – good – to be or make good, be or do better, please, do, go, play

Vs 69 – forged – taphal – to stick on as a patch, to impute falsely, forge, sew up

Vs 70 – fat / torah --- fat (taphash) to be thick, to be stupid, be fat torah – a precept, satute, instructions , teaching unto life

Vs 71 – good – (tob) good, well, beautiful, best, better, bountiful, cheerful, at ease, be in favour, graciously, joyful, kindly, loving, precious, prosperity, wealth, welfare, be well, well, favoured --- afflicted – chastened, humbled, disciplined

Vs 72 – torah - a precept, satute, instructions , teaching unto life --- mouth – can mean two edged (Heb 4:12) Matthew 4:4 - Deut 8: 3

The letter tet is the ninth letter and has numeric value of 9

Pictorally - tet looks like a snake coiled inside a basket

Tet is a paradoxical letter in that it reveals both good and evil –

The form of the letter is inverted and suggests hidden goodness, like that of a woman who is pregnant with child --- however, sometimes the potential of goodness is perverted, and impurity or filth(tumah) results

Tet is the least frequently used letter in scripture


First time the letter appears Gen 1: 4 – And God saw that it was good(tob)

God is the source of all that is good in the universe – we see this in the creation account

Jer 33: 11 – Give thanks to the Lord of Hosts for He is good…”

Isaiah 45: 7 --- calmatiy(evil) – adversity, affliction, trouble, sorrow, breaking, punish, discipline, chasten

How the Lord uses evil In the universe for His own good purpose is a mystery, but we are assured that all that God created was good(Gen 1:31) and that His steadfast Love endures forever. Psalm 118:1

Tet represents the two possibilities of man - the parts of tet(vav and zayin) are the same parts for chet, but the difference appears in the vav- the letter tet can picture man that is in rebellion before the Lord

Or the man that is surrendered to Him

When a man is bowed down before the Crowned Man, taking upon himself His yoke(chet) then his soul is subject to the discipline of the Lord, and the ninefold fruit of the Spirit will grow in his life (Galatians 5:22-23) This man will die to himself and all that is outside the yoke of Christ (Luke 9:23)

On the other hand if the soul refuses to bow down and instead rebels, the inner life will take on the characteristics of the serpent, satan. If that man chooses to live for himself, relying on his own inner sense of autonomy, he will share the fate of satan and “eat dust” or the stuff of the flesh – Galatians 5:19-21

This principle can be seen in the story of Moses and his staff(Exodus 4:2-4. The staff represented the scepter of Moses human authority which God asked to be thrown down in obedience to Him. When He did so, the carnal staff was transformed to become the spiritual staff of the Lord. Later Moses sinned using this staff in a carnal way by striking the rock twice, indicating tht he attempted to retake his own authority instead of yielding to the will of the Lord

How the tet will be represented depends upon our personal decision to give our lives to Jesus and be yoked together with Him . will we choose to surrender our lives , offering ourselves as living sacrifices, or will we inwardly rebel and live in the selfish pride that marks the devil

Matthew 11:29 - Why are we yoked to Jesus – to learn of Him

What do we learn of Him – to be meek and lowly of heart

How are we rewarded – He gives us rest


Psalm 95:10-11

No yoking --- no learning of Him ----NO learning of Him ----- no rest

Spiritual meaning to tet -- 9 and means either yoked and submitted or a snake – either way it means to surround and stands for judgement and for fruit

Tet is for the word tov – which means good, Matthew 19:17 Jesus said there is only One that is good (God)

Romans 8: 28 -- God can turn all circumstances into Good

Tet is the number of the fruit of the Spirit – Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self control

Takes 9 months for the fruit of the womb to form

The seed of David is exactly 9 times in scripture, and Jesus came forth from being conceived by the Holy Spirit after 9 months in Mary’s womb.

Jesus told us that we can bear fruit only as long as we abide in Him, the true Vine. As Jesus expounded about the vine and the branches in John 15, He explained 9 times in chapter 15 that we must abide in Him to bear fruit

9 gifts of the Sprit

Galatians 6: 7-9 – we reap the fruit we sow

Hebrew words beginning with tet –

Tabach – kill(make), slaughter, slay

Tohar – clearness, glory, purifying

Taba - drown, fasten, settle, sink

Tela - lamb , covering for protection

Tul – dew

Tiyn – clay, miry (Psalm 40:2)

The letters chet and tet spell the root of the word chitah, which means sin, -- the power of sin is effectively dealt with in our lives when we have experienced both Life in Jesus and death to self – corresponding scripture Romans 12:1-2




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