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Are You Ready to be Agitated?  Pastor Steve Middleton. 


October 8, 2017. 

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Testimony of the General Assembly

Testimony of the General Assembly

Why do people stand when a judge enters the courtroom?

  • to honour the judge and show a general atmosphere of honour 
  • Heb 12:23 general assembly means a universal companionship
  • Rev 7:9-12 gives a glimpse of what this looks like
  • worship is a part of the courts of heaven
  • when we worship we take our place in the general assembly in the courts of heaven 

Through worship, do we ascend to heaven or does God come down to us?

  • when we worship we enter into governmental authority with the courts of heaven
  • Rev 5:8-14 - What is happening here.

Where does worship originate? h

  • we need to join ourselves to that worship

Tabernacle of David

2 Sam 2:16 - What did David do?

  • to be effective in the courts of heaven we need to become worshippers
  • our worship needs to be connected to what is going on around God’s throne
  • John 4:23-24 - What is it telling us?

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Kincardine Sunday Service 10:30am                  

Clinton Sunday Service 5pm      

Clinton Sunday Service is hosted at the REACH Centre, 169 Beech Street, Clinton