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October 8, 2017. 

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Testimony of the Church ./ Eclesia

Testimony of the Church / Ecclesia

Who can speak in a court?

  • only those recognized by the judge
  • Heb 12:23 - we are registered in the courts of heaven therefore we have a voice

Knowing Your Juridiction

2 Cor 10:13 - What does this tell us about our jurisdiction?

  • to be effective and protected we need to stay within the sphere that has been appointed to us

According to Hebrews 4:16, in which court can we all operate?

  • this would be requests for family and personal issues
  • praying for churches, cities, regions and countries is another jurisdiction
  • we can still pray blessings in these situations
  • we need to be careful not to engage principalities
  • we cannot pretend to have jurisdiction
  • Acts 19:13-17 - they were out of their realm of authority


Apostolic Jurisdiction

  • the key to an Ecclesia and its jurisdiction it the apostle to which it is joined
  • every true Ecclesia recognized in heaven is connected and joined to apostles
  • 1 Cor 12:28 - Who is set first?
  • this is why Jesus spent 3 1/2 years calling and fashioning apostles
  • Who was in the upper room? - apostles and 120 others
  • the church came out of the apostles and not the apostles out of the church
  • when God raises a governmental people He raises an apostle
  • the jurisdiction of an Ecclesia is determined by the juridiction of the apostle who birthed it and the apostles who joined it
  • 2 Cor 11:5 - Are their different level or areas of jurisdiction for apostles?
  • the jurisdiction of the apostle will determine the jurisdiction of the ecclesia they lead

What are two reasons we may get backlash from the devil?

  1. We do not have the authority for what we are trying to do
  2. We are within our jurisdiction but something in our past gives him legal right to attack us
  • p155
  • a reputation on earth does not automatically mean jurisdiction in heaven
  • p158

The Lampstand

  • Rev 2:4-5

Can we lose our governing authority?

What is the lampstand?

  • the church’s identity and jurisdiction
  • Zech 4:1-6
  • the two olive trees fuelled the seven lamps with perpetual oil
  • oil speaks of the anointing that empowers the church

What is the source of the oil ?

Rev 11:3-6

  • two witnesses are the two olive trees feeding the lamps
  • the DNA of Moses and Elijah
  • Moses turned water to blood and the other plagues
  • Elijah shut up heaven so it would not rain
  • the purpose of these two was to affect nations
  • they both had governmental anointing and authority
  • it is to the the anointing and authority flowing out of the church
  • if the lamp stand is removed the authority is removed
  • they would still be a church on earth but not recognized in heaven
  • we need to ensure that our Ecclesia is recognized in heaven

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