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October 8, 2017. 

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Presenting Cases in the Courts of Heaven

Presenting Cases in the Courts of Heaven

Get off the Battlefield

    There needs to be a legal precedent set before we enter the battlefield.  In Luke 1:1-18, the woman never speaks to her adversary, only to the judge.  The verdict from the court is the legal wrestling, while executing it is the battle part.  It is our job to enforce the legal judgements Jesus won on the cross.  The battle in the courtroom always precedes the victory on the battlefield.  

Presenting Our Case

    We can only present our case after we have read from the books of heaven.  Daniel 7:10.  The books are already opened.  Included in these books are our Kingdom destiny and purpose.

    When a prophet prophecies, he is simply reading from the books.  Then the apostle with jurisdiction can present the case before the courts.

Agreeing with our Accuser

    The accuser will always try to deny what is written in the books.  Because of his accusation against us we need to remember to repent and humble ourselves.  Luke 18:9-14  When we repent we set in place the voice of the blood of Jesus and every other 9 voices that are releasing testimony.  Our repentance in agreement with these voices.  Matthew 5:25.  By agreeing with our accuser means we are quick to repent.  I don’t answer or justify myself.  Allow the blood of Jesus to testify on your behalf.  

Confessing our Sin

Hosea 14:1-2  We need to use words to return to the Lord.  Correct words are powerful.  1 John 1:9  This gives God the legal right to forgive us.  Our words become testimonies and agreements in the courts of heaven.  Our words give God the legal right to fulfil His passion toward us.  Rev 12:10-11  The words of our testimony is to confess and use words that give God the legal right to be merciful to us.  Our finances, given with a clean heart also have a voice in the courts.  

Resisting the Devil

    Once the accuser is silenced in the courts we can rebuke any and all demonic forces here.  If we rebuke him and he doesn’t move, his legal rights have not been removed.  Colossians 2:13-14 shows that Jesus set in place every legal thing needed to break all satanic holds.  ‘Handwriting of ordinances’ means a legal document or law.  Every accusation has been removed.  The word ‘contrary’ means covertly.  Jesus has dealt with the hidden things also.  James 4:7 shows us the result of getting a legal rendering in heaven.  When we submit to God, humility, surrender, repentance and submission are involved.

Making Decrees

    After all legal things have been set in order, we are free to make decrees.  Our decrees are based on what is written in the books.  Nothing is resisting us legally and the decrees now have power.  

    We need to understand that we are Kings and Priests. Priests intercede and Kings decree.  The priests interceding is shown clearly by the killing of the lamb on the day of Atonement.

    John 11:41-44, Lazarus.  Jesus has already prayed.  He was functioning as priest on the way to the tomb.  Everything legal has been settled and He knows what is to be done.  After interceding, Jesus steps forward and gives the King’s decree, ‘Lazarus, come forth’.  As priests we need to set things in place legally and then as Kings, decree.  When we utter the decree, the judgement comes from heaven.  

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