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October 8, 2017. 

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Mediator's Testimony

The Mediator’s Testimony

Who is our mediator in the courts of heaven?

Heb 12:24, Tim 2:5 - Jesus - 

    As mediator He brings God and man together in agreement.  He represents both God’s holiness and our frailty.  He can represent God’s holiness because He is God, and our frailty because He was human and was tempted.  He is working for us to receive the promises of the New Covenant. Heb 8:6

    Satan will use any accusation to prevent us from getting our promises.  Our Mediator presents our claims based upon His accomplishments on the cross.  That is why we need to put the blood of Jesus over our sins.

What is the testimony of Jesus, Rev 19:10?

When Jesus is the Mediator testifying in the courts of heaven, it can become a prophecy in our mouths here on earth.  Prophecy is agreeing with the testimony of Jesus in the courts of heaven.

Jesus the High Priest

    As High Priest, Jesus presents offerings that grant God the legal right to show mercy and not judgement.

By Heb 9:11-12, how does Jesus reflect the OT offerings?

His blood give God the legal right to bless us as did the OT offerings allow God to bless His people.

Did Jesus finish the work of redemption? Yes

He is working to see that all He has done becomes a reality in our lives.  The work is finished but that does not mean that all will receive it.

In Hebrews 10:12-13, what is Jesus doing?  Sitting (resting) in a place of absolute dominion at the right hand of God.

What did God do on the seventh day?  He rested.  Resting is working from a position of dominion and absolute authority.

Jesus the Intercessor

In Heb 7:25, what is Jesus doing?  Interceding.

Intercession is a legal activity that grants God the legal right to intervene in a situation.  Intercession is always based on an offering, no offering, no basis for intercession.  Psalms 20:1-4  Offerings form the basis by which we are heard.

What did Jesus give as an offering so His intercession could be heard?  His body and blood  Heb 7:25-27.  Abel was heard and accepted because of His offering, Heb 11:4.

    Jesus intercedes on the basis of His sacrifice for us and His blood is speaking for us.

Jesus Our Advocate

What is an advocate?  Someone who supports and recommends a particular person or cause

1 John 2:1-2.  As advocate Jesus is our intercessor, comforter and consoler.  2Cor. 5:21, we are the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ.  We must confess and repent to obtain this.

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