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October 8, 2017. 

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The Letter Kaf – Hebrew Aleph Bet

In this Kaph section we see the awareness of our need – as a type of Ruth – desperately needing the shelter and protection of our Heavenly “Boaz” . This part of the Psalm expresses our realization that without being under His covering , we have no hope, We ask of Him out of our need without pride.

Psalm 119: 81-88

Vs 81 – Fainteth(Kalah) – prepared, consumed, determined

Vs 82 – fail – Kalah – cease, , end, perish, consumed ( eyes – affliction, outward appearance, landscape, vision

Vs 83 – your(Kiy)

Vs 84 – your(Kiy) statutes

Vs 85 – digged(karah) – to plot, dig, to bore, open

Vs 86 – Your (Kiy)


Vs 87 – consumed (kalah)

Vs 88 – your (Kiy)

The kaph is a picture of an arm, open hand

Literal meaning and symbolic meaning to cover, to allow, to open

Represents the number 20

Kaph when Kaf is prefixed to a word it means “like” or “as” Kaf to melekh (king) changes it to like a king – now the letter Kaf resembles the bet which we understand to be a picture of Jesus – so when we prefix ousrselves to Jesus we will be conformed to His image and resemble Him --

Since the Kaf pictures the palm of the hand, we will resemble Jesus in our work and our sacrifice for others

Word Kaf means palm of the hand

Kaf can also mean spoon

Kaf root word is Kafah which means to bend or bow down ----- Kaf begins the word kavvanah which means spiritual focus and concentration – root word means to aim – this word suggests to rid your mind of all that is distracting and aim to envision yourself as standing directly before the divine presence

Mystery of the Kaph -

There are two letters in the Word Kaph and they are the initial letters of two Hebrew words Koach(potential) and poel (actual) . This suggests that the Kaph enables the spiritual(potential) to be made actual in the physical .

Spiritual meaning of Kaph

Equals 20 and means “cover” of Yahweh or “covering” of Yah

The letter yod and kaph denote different aspects of the hand. Yod is an active hand by which to grasp and hold things – it is a symbol showing power and ownership of Yahweh

The Kaph is the open hand meaning to give and receive things

The ancient kaph symbolized the palm of the hand. When applied to Yahweh depicts His protection and covering over His people ( psalm 17: 7-8 )

The ancient kaph was drawn as “a wing”. The wing of the almighty is our protective covering (Psalm 91: 4 - Wings (Kanaph) and Malachi 4: 2 – Wings (kanaph)

Hebrew words beginning with Kaph

Kippur( yom Kippur) covering – atonement --- day of atonement means the day of covering – When Jesus died for us He atoned(covered) our sins with His own blood - Lev 16:30

Kanaph – the extremity of a garment – wings, feathers, covering Psalm 57:1

Kallah – bride – the one who He covers is His Bride (Ruth- Boaz) Isa 49:18

Kachad – conceal --- Job 27:11


Kanaph – Numbers 15:37-41 ---- Yahweh instructed His people were to wear tassels or fringes on the four corners of their garments – as they looked upon the tassels they would remember the commandments --- the border of the garment was called the Kanaph(covering or wings) and was where the tzitzits were attached to the garment

1 Cor 11:3-10 teaches us that the husband is the covering of the wife – in a shadow -picture of how Jesus is the covering of His people( the armour of God)

Ephesians 5: 23-25 -- the husband is the head(the covering) of the wife

Ruth 2:12

Ruth 3:9

When Ruth desired to be under Boaz’s protective covering as her husband – she asked him to cover her with his garment, showing her desire to be under his wings(a shadow-picture of Christ and His bride)

Jesus our Messiah wore fringes(tzitzits in His kanaph -- we find healing, covering and protection under His “wings” Matthew 9: 19-22 - the word hem means a fringe, tassel which were attached to the kanaph -- being under the protective covering of Jesus means to be under His Wings – when we ask to be hid under the “shadow” of His Wings we are asking to be covered and protected – healed and set apart to be His Bride.

Psalm 36: 7

To be under the Kanaph is the place of peace - peace of a quiet conscience Rom 8:33-35

Peace of a restful mind Phil 4:7 Isaiah 26:3

Peace of a surrendered Will

Peace of a hopeful heart Isaiah 50: 7

Peace of loving fellowship with Yahweh 2Thes3:16

Kaphar (atonement, covering) the story of the flood is a prophetic shadow picture of the end of the world

Matt 24:37-39 2 Pet 3: 7

There is only one protection against the Fire on the day of Judgement -- the shed blood(atoning and covering of Jesus) those who are kept within the protective atonement of the Almithy will be safeguarded through the judgement.

Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Jesus will be with them and they will pass through the fire unscathed.

Over and over in scripture we see shadow pictures of judgement. The flood is also one of those. The “pitch” that was applied to the Ark is what made it watertight and able to weather the judgement of Yahweh. Gen 6:14

Pitch – Kaphar – to cover, atone, atonement, forgive, be merciful, pardon, to pitch, purge (away) put


off( make) reconcile

How to experience the kaph personally --- who wants to be covered and stay covered – under His protection, under His Wings,

When we see the Kaph as Yahweh’s hand – providing and protecting us - this is great but there is more to His hand then that – there is a cost to us for this atoning covering as it also cost Jesus – the hand represents giving as well as receiving – We give of ourselves to Jesus, in other words we surrender ourselves to be under His covering – the cost then to experience the Kaph in our lives is total submission to Him

Aligning under His protectioin as a Heavenly Husband or Divine Father means submissioin under His authority. God’s protection is a gift which He longs to give to each of His children. Romans 13:1

Reveals keys to having guidance and protection continually.

The “eagles wings” is a Hebrew idiom which appears twenty times in scripture. This phrase is generally associated with God’s protection of His people. In Psalm 91 we find this symbolism used to express the promise of our abiding “under the shadow of the almighty -- it really speaks to us of our responsibility of submission. We must choose to come under the protection and authority of the Eagle a metaphor for our Heavenly Father who protects and shelters His own.

“His feathers” is from the same root as the Hebrew name of God, meaning the Almighty

“under” refers to submission to authority

“ His Wings” were seen above the Ark of the covenant , as cherubim and representing protection to those who obey the instructions within and submit under His Authority.

Under the sheltering presence of God we will mount up on high , according to Isaiah 40:31

There are many metaphors used in scripture to describe God’s authority and protection but none more often than the symbol of being “ under eagle’s wings”. Under His authority we will not trust the arm of flesh, but will abide in the shadow of the Almighty

When we face temptations and trials we will find refuge under His wings as we submit to His authority in our lives

David and Moses use the symbol of heavenly wings to represent God’s over-shadowing protection in the lives of His people.

Psalm 17:8 - Hide me under the shadow of thy Wings

Psalm 36:7 Our trust is under the shadow of thy wings

Psalm 57: 1 In the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge

The eagle is a fit symbol for the wise, loving, and protective care of God Deut 32:10-12

This metaphor first appears in the Exodus from Egypt Ex 19:4

Revelation 12: 14 - not only symbolizes an eagle sheltering her nestlings suggests protection it also shows that God is the Authority over us.


Gen 1:27-28 --- suggests God intended us to hold positions of authority under His headship

God established a “chain of command” in human authority under Him – there is a heavenly ordained authority structure in the home, in the body of Christ and in society

When kaf follows a word it indicates possession so kaf melekh to get melekha (your king) kaf can depict a crown of a prostrated person(signifying submission) we can see that when we follow Jesus bending(kafaf) our wills in submission to Him, we will be given the reward of the crown of righteousness since our works will follow His.

Submission to authority God has established is submission to God, we cannot abide under heaven’s protective wings unless we remain under the authority structure God has established

What does it mean to submit under Heaven’s authority - submission under godly authority is a choice – the one who submits must choose to do so ---- Joshua 24:15 - the word submission indicates that the one doing the submitting participates both in the action of submission and in the results of the action(obedience) - submission also carries the military connotation of lining up under. By choosing to line up under His authority there are binding obligations upon us and we must obey - by choosing to line up under Heaven’s ordained authority it shows that we understand several important Biblical principles - God is supreme Ruler over all 1 Tim 6:15

- God ordained all human authority, Romans 13:1

- God is the one who establishes those in authority over us and influences there decisions Prov 21:1

- God doesn’t force us to get under His Authority or the authority of those he establishes for us during our lifetime Josh 24:15

- God uses these powers and authorities to work His ultimate will.

The family – Husbands, wives, children

The Body of Christ – Hebrews 13:17, Ephes 4:11

Government – 1 Pe 2: 13-14,

Here are some of the rewards to submitting under Heavens authority

- Things will go well for you Eph 6:2-3

- You will have long life Eph 6:1-3

- Discernment will be gained Prov 15:5

- You will be given clear direction Prov 6:20-22

- You will be protected from evil people Prov 6:23-24

- You will obtain a good report Heb 13:17

- You will avoid fear of condemnation romans 13:5

- Yahweh will be pleased with you Col 3:20


- You will not blaspheme God or His Word 1 Tim 6:1

- You will receive the reward of God’s inheritance, Col 3:23-24

Gen 23: 3 undersized kaf to weep for her ---- it is said that this means we should show restraint in our grieving and morning since a righteous man or woman understands that the spirit is immortal and therefore the loss of the relationship with the other is not permanent.

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