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Hebrew Bible Study Introduction




Hebrew Bible Study

                       English                                                                               Hebrew

1)            Noun oriented -                                                             1)   Verb Oriented – action

2)            Abstract-   theoretical; not applied                                   2)    Concrete (Word Pictures)

3)            Western culture                                                            3)    Eastern Culture

4)            Secondary(made up of several)                                       4)    Primary

If we are english only readers of scripture we will miss truth and come to wrong conclusions

When we look at the Hebrew language we see that it is:

 1) Pictoral in nature – before letters it was pictures  

2) Relational – in other words the language and alphabet relate to each other where as English (western thinking is individual)

3) Numerical – Each letter in alphabet is a number

4) phonetical as well


Differences in thought processes  or “mindsets”

Mindset is a fixed frame of reference,  a habitual mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations, a set of assumptions and methods which Is so firmly established that it creates a powerful incentive to behave a certain way

We each have a mindset that controls and that directs the way we think and act – how we react to the world is determined by our mindsets - 

The Bible divides the human race into three categories 1) barbarian, 2) Greek/gentile,  and 3) Hebrew (Jew) ,  the three of these can represent mindsets that you and I have

Barbarian mindset –         1 Sam 17: 1-11,  22-

-              Old testament world operated out of this mindset  - the basic operating principle of this mindset is FEAR --- when we live out of fear we are operating in this mindset

-              This mindset  has  governments that are in the form of tyranny, dictatorship, terrorism,(think about what Is happening in the world today) 

-              This mindset is satan’s way of operating because he is an oppressor

-              When we live from fear we live from oppression

-              People who are living out of this mindset -  run from issues, hide from issues( so if we are hiding or running then we are living from a barbarian mindset

-              James 4: 7 -  submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee

-              Cannot walk in fear and faith at the same time

Greek( western mindset)   Mark 6: 2-5   -  synagogues had moved into greek mindsets, they lived out of carnal reason, humanistic thought,  results of living from greek mindset : offended in the mind/heart – so if you are offended then in that area you are living out of a greek(western Mindset)

   – is pride that filters through humanistic(carnal) intellect – knowledge is power

-              Basically if you can understand how something occurs, then you can control and Manipulate outcomes – with this mindset everything must line up intellectually and “by the book”

-              Lets use an example of greek/western mindset in us and the church – if you go into many churches and start talking about Holy Spirit,  gifts of the spirit, speaking in tongues you could be met with much opposition -  because human reason prevails --  if you speak in tongues people will be confused, if spiritual gifts operate things might get weird and people will be afraid,

-              Truth is if we are going to walk with God -  we are going to have to realize that there will be things we don’t understand because God will continue to confound the mind to reveal what is in the heart of man- this means He will do things you do not understand just to see if you will love Him and trust him anyway

Hebrew Mindset or Biblical mindset  --  Gen 12: 1-3

-              The Hebrew mindset operating principle is trust in God -  when we understand that God has chosen you and is watching over you , you are led into a totally different way of thinking and living, which may seem foolish to the world

Depending on the mindset we are living from will determine  how we relate to God or how we interpret scripture

Let’s look at some differences

   In relationship with God

Barbarian Mindset :    make war and conquer those who are weak

Greek mindset :  study theology and doctrine to reason out questions with human intellect, argue, and get the right answers at all costs

Hebrew mindset:  we may not understand God but we will love, worship, and obey Him

How do you get ahead in Life ?

Barbarian mindset:  oppresses others and wins by intimidation

Greek mindset:  get more education because knowledge is power

Hebrew mindset:  learns to walk in God’s favour, which is the key to true success


What mindset(s) are you living from ?

God wants us to live from His mindset -  Romans 12: 2

A Hebrew mindset is one that is pictoral in nature, relational in nature, and numerical in nature, and action  –

God speaks in pictures, God speaks relationally,  and God speaks numerically , and God speaks with action

      It is important to know what mindset we are living in and then develop in the mindset of the Spirit of God .  When we look at the Hebrew language we will begin to see How God thinks as He is the one who set it up .  We are looking at Hebrew understanding not for knowledge sake but for a deeper relationship with our Lord and to recognize and change our mindset from barbarian, greek to Hebrew

Hebrew  alphabet started out in the form of pictographs with each character representing a specific picture. Words were constructed by putting pictures together illustrating a characteristic of a word.

   Eg.  The word father --- Hebrew word father is spelled “ab” in English. In Hebrew it consists of the letters aleph, and bet written right to left.  Looking at the chart the aleph represents an ox for strength or leadership and the bet represents a family or house.  Therefore a father is the strength and leader of the his house and family   --  God the father is the strength and leader of His house and family --- see how the Hebrew is pictoral – see how it is relational -  the first letter and the second letter of aleph bet go together to form a relational side to God and the language

The Hebrew letters also stand for numbers   -   so a letter is picture, a letter, a number, and a word – so numbers are important in scripture because they carry meaning as it relates to the letter, picture, or word

Even as the shape of the letters changed and became more abstract the connection to the original picture language remains. Moses would have written in the pictographs or early ancient Hebrew form, David in the mid ancient Hebrew, and Jesus would have written in the late ancient hebrew  form. The modern Hebrew script was not established until the 15th century A.D. and was strongly influenced by the Aramaic form of the letters

When we read the old testament we need to realize it was originally written in ancient Hebrew and each of the letters in the words represents a picture presented by the original pictographs. 

Matthew 5: 18

Jesus said that “ not one jot or tittle” would pass away from the Word of God

The jot refers to the smallest Hebrew letter yad or yood.  A tittle is  a variation in how a letter is written. 

Eg. A tittle would be a letter that is written larger or smaller than normal(this would emphasize something or mean something), a gap in the text, a word spelled with an additional letter or a letter left out, as well as embellishments of a letter.  All those variations in text are for a purpose with the ultimate purpose to further reveal the character of God , these are not found in our English text.     As we go through the Hebrew text we will discover what these look like.


Some scriptures to keep in mind :

2Tim 2: 15  - study( be diligent, labour, make effort, be prompt, earnest, be prompt) to show((stand beside, to exhibit, recommend, substantiate, to be at hand or ready, assist, yield) myself approved(acceptable, tried, its root- to think, be accounted, please,) unto (who ?)   God , not others

                        A workman(teacher, root means an act, work, deed, )9 needeth not be ashamed –

                       Rightly(correctly) divide((to make a straight cut, dissect correctly)9 the Word of truth

Pr 25:2  -   character of God to conceal a matter ---- old testament is the new testament concealed the new testament is the old testament revealed -   

                   Character of kings to search out a matter -  it is up to us to search out His Word and discover who He is , His character,His nature, His authority and His power

2 Tim 3:16

   All scripture ---  this means all of what we classify the old testament to be and what we classify the new testament to be

    Is given by inspiration ( Holy Spirit breathed)

    Is profitable(helpful, serviceable, advantageous, beneficial,useful ) for doctrine – instruction( the function and the information), teaching , learning – its root means an instructor, master

   Is profitable for reproof(conviction, evidence, admonish(to caution, advise, or counsel against something,to reprove or scold, especially in a mild and good-willed manner, to urge to a duty; remind:, convince, tell a fault, rebuke(reprimand) confute(proving and disproving) –

   Is profitable for correction(a straightening up again, rectification(to make, put, or set right; remedy; correct, to put right by adjustment ), reformation - the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory, the amendment of conduct, belief,, to change to a better state, or form,by alteration, substitution, abolition, to cause (a person) to abandon wrong or evil ways of life or conduct, to  put an end to habits, abuses

Is profitable for instruction  in righteousness(character, or actions, holiness, justification) –  ( we must realize that Jesus has made us righteous but all scripture is profitable to instruct us on how to live in righteousness, in His character, in His attitudes, In His mindsets, in His actions, in His holiness, in His Justification 

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