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October 8, 2017. 

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Mon, 01/23/2017 - 14:03 -- Gen Richards

Gimel – 3rd Letter Hebrew Aleph Bet


Gimel –   each Hebrew letter is a picture, a letter, a number and a word

Psalm 119: 17-24

Each verse in Hebrew starts with the letter gimel ---  represents Holy Spirit

  Vs 17 – deal bountifully that I may live and keep thy word – only possible by the Holy Spirit

Vs 18 – open my eyes – to behold wonderous things out of the torah – only possible by Holy Spirit

Vs19 – a stranger in the earth- hide not commandments – only possible by Holy Spirit

Vs 20- soul breaks with longing for your judgements – only possible by the Holy Spirit

Vs 21 – has rebuked the proud(role of Holy Spirit) –

Vs 22- take away my reproach/contempt – only possible by the Holy Spirit

Vs 23- meditate in thy statutes – only by Holy Spirit

Vs 24- thy testimonies are my delight and my councellors – Only by Holy Spirit

The gimel represents the Holy Spirit- means to lift up  --  3 commandment --  Shall not use the Lord’s name in vain –

Psalm 148: 13  ----  gimel means to lift up ---   Mark 3: 28-30 ----  so if you attribute the works of the Holy Spirit to satan then you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit – likened to using the Lords name in vain.

The gimel is represented as a camel – it is also related to another word gamol which means to nourish until completely ripe.

Gen 21: 8    the child grew(gamol) and was weaned -  the word here gamol refers to the development of an infant to the point that it can live without its mother’s nursing -  maturity is a constructive beneficial action that helps another  - this term in Hebrew is gemilus chesed means to describe the performance  of a kind deed or act of kindness

The camel received its name because it is like a weaned child and can go a long time without drinking- thus the camel is equipped physically to endure tremendous stress, which enables travellers to survive the perils of the desert – the camel is called gomel chesed – a performer of kindness

The word for blessed in Hebrew is the word barak – which means to bend the knees, to kneel down- the idea comes from the loading and unloading of the camel – the camel a very tall animal must kneel down to be loaded and unloaded - 

So to be blessed of God is best described as having your camel fully loaded to transfer goods from one place to another.

This leads us to an understanding that being blessed is not leaving materials on your camel to just parade before others “showing”  your blessings.  – being blessed means to be loaded, (full of the Spirit) walk to a place of need and then unload the materials and give them to those in need

 Acts 2: 43-47

   Apostles were loaded(full of Holy Ghost and Power) fear of Lord came on every soul

           Signs wonders and miracles were done or released from the apostles

           All who believed were united and had everything in common

           Sold their possessions and distributed the price among all according as any had need

           United with purpose gathered together

This is the gimel --  the gimel represents the Holy Spirit (3rd person of the trinity)

  They were loaded with the Holy Spirit and they took what they had and gave what they had to others

John 1: 19-23

   Speaking of John the Baptist --   who was John?   John was the voice  -  the voice of one crying

             Make straight the paths – in other words the voice was – rebuked sin

n             Rebuked sin

n             People to repent

n             Point them to messiah

 John the Baptist was a type of Holy Spirit

John 16:8

Role of Holy Spirit

n             Convict world concerning sin

n             Concerning righteousness

n             Concerning judgement

So the Holy Spirit convinces mankind they are guilty of sin before God

That there is a standard of righteousness that we have failed to achieve

And Judgement is coming where we will be held accountable

This is what John was teaching

Matthew 3: 4  ---  garments of camels hair,  ate locusts

 The Bible talks about individuals character but rarely does it mention clothing – so when it does we must look at its significance

 John is dressed in camels hair ---   Holy Spirit

 Gamal in Hebrew means camel

The Jewish sages say there is a spiritual form to this letter, it is one of a person walking from a house toward a door or from the letter beit to the letter dalet

In other words the letter gimel is a man dressed up like a camel emerging from the letter beit toward the dalet ---

What is the gimel’s missioin as it leaves a house headed for a door

Sages say gimmel was an important mission to dalet. They describe its mission as one of mercy to bring food and nourishment to dalet – if dalet is stubbornly closed to gimel then punishment will result  -  the letters of the word gimel can mean recompense  -- Isaiah 35: 4

So from this we see four letters from Aleph to dalet – the father with His son (aleph bet) sent gimel( Holy Spirit) to nourish someone behind a closed door (or the heart of man)

John 14: 26

The dalet can mean weakness and poverty

So here we have the father and son sending the Holy Spirit to the door of those who are in poverty and weakness, knocking and asking them to open the door

John 15: 26

Father and the son send the Holy Spirit to the dalet(door of your heart)

John 1: 27  ---   Jesus is preferred before the Holy Spirit

Gimel is the number 3 -  is the sum of the first two letters – the Word for father – the father both nourishes His children as well as disciplines them

The Word is likened unto a sword – the Word and the Spirit

The three areas where Holy Spirit brings conviction

-              Sin             - torah – convicts of sin  romans 7:7, 9

-              Righteousness -  Ketuvim(writings,) the psalms and proverbs instruct us in the way of righteousness  

Psalm 23 : 3      Proverbs 11:19.     Psalm 18:24

Recompense is for the good and the bad—the word gamal

Judgement – Neviim(prophets) general theme is the judgement to come Ezekiel 33:11

Gimel is a cognate to gamol which means to nourish until completely ripe  number 17:8


It is said the world stands on three pillars

-              Torah ----   Job 33:33   aleph stands for study of torah ---  teach thee wisdom

-              Divine service ---- speaks of Hebrew word for temple  - Jesus

-              Acts of Kindness --  gimel – Holy Spirit – forming the basis of society

Gimel has a numerical value of 3 ---  the number 3 alludes to  the concept that two opposing factors must be blended to form a third, more perfect entity

---- first letter Aleph numeric value 1 – denotes the ultimate perfection of oneness that only exists with God, it aslo explains that the 2nd Hebrew letter beit numeric value implies diversity, multiplicity – however the gimel number 3 – signifies the capacity to neutralize the dissimilarity of two contrasting forces and unite them into a lasting and more wholesome unit, as an example when God’s Justice is tempered with His mercy, the result is truth. 

In other words we can not live on Justice alone or mercy alone -  the two Justice and mercy are brought together into truth

 Can’t live on Word only or Spirit only – must have both to be united with the Father

The Holy Spirit’s role is to guide us into all truth   -- Jesus said I am the Way (justice) the truth and the Life(mercy)

The strength of the patriarchs comes from the concept of three . Abraham was merciful and Isaac was Just. These two were made compatible by Jacob who represents truth. Mercy always conflicts with justice- these two can only be blended into balance by the third force of truth. Therefore three patriarchs were required to complement each other to establish oneness of the Hebrew nation


There are many threes in the bible

Father , son, Holy Spirit

Outer court, inner court, Holy of Holies

Torah, prophets, writings

Spirit, soul, body

Passover, Pentecost, tabernacles

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

Death, burial, resurrection

Past, present, future

Prophet, priest, king

In 3 days, 3 months

Omniscience , omnipresent, 0mnipotent

Priest, levite, common Israelite


Moses was third born who sanctified the people on the 3rd day of the 3rd month

Inscriptions on the cross in three languages showing the completeness of His rejection by man

Gen 15: 8-9

  3 year old heifer,  3 year old she goat,  3 year old ram,  and then a turtle dove and a young pigeon

3  plus 2 = 5 – grace ,  for this is an act of grace from a soverign God


The camel is the perfect illustration of a conveyer of blessings given you by God to those in need.  God you and the person in need are the three---  with the reference of the camel(gimel) being the conveyor of blessings, a great definition of a congreagation would be a camel parking lot ----- the meeting place should be the location where believers exchange their gifts from God- each should be able to receive according to their need


1Peter1: 13  gird up the loins of your mind  -- comes from the idea of “hobbling” your camel. The arab head gear is called a caffiyeh. This scarf worn on men’s heads and held on by a rope called an egal – this rope is placed over the knobby knee of a kneeling camel at night to prevent it from rising up and wandering away. Peter says to let God’s Word be to your mind what the rope is to the wandering camel.


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