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October 8, 2017. 

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Dalet - 4th Letter Hebrew Aleph Beit

Each letter is a picture, a letter, a number, a word

The Dalet is the 4th letter of the Hebrew aleph Beit ---  in picture form it is a closed door and represents a door, pathway, a place of entry (tabernacle of moses-gates, doors, veils--- Jesus- Jesus is the door – the access into outer court, inner court, holy of Holies

 numerically it is the number four

a word dalet – which comes from dalah means draw out, or impoverished and another word dalut which means poor, impoverished

therefore the dalet means lowliness and the consciousness of possessing nothing of one’s own.

 As a door it represents the choice to open ourselves to the hope of our dreams or to remain closed off, and alienated .    --   we can either be open to the gospel, the truth,  or we can be closed to the truth and gospel

What are you open to about the Godhead -   are you  open to His plans, His purposes, His character, His power, His authority, His supernatural (angels, heavenly realms, encounters, )

Or are you closed to His plans, His purposes, His character, His power, His authority, His supernatural

Are you alienating yourself to what He has for you,  (heavenly realms, encounters, dreams, visions, etc)

Psalm 119: 25-32  --  each of the eight versus is hebrew start with the letter dalet  - remember means a door, pathway, entry

 Vs 25 -26

If you  take the definitions of the words this is what you get for verse 25-26

 Father, I am low because my innermost being and desires are naturally joined to this Earth. My natural soul pursues the things of this dying World and sticks to them, as though glued fast. Help me, Yah! Revive me and restore me to Life. Save me! Nourish me! Heal me and I will surely be made whole from this affliction. Make me alive with Your Word and by Your Command. I have confessed and enumerated my weak and sinful ways to You. I have intensively recounted the numerous times that I have walked an ungodly course of life, following the conversation patterns, customs and manners of this fallen planet. And praise Your Holy Name, in Your mercy, You have noticed me. You have paid attention to me, seeing my fallen condition. You have heard my cry for Your forgiveness. And You have responded by lifting me up! Praise You! Oh, help me now to never walk that old path of death again by instructing and disciplining me into the Way of Your Statutes and Times.

Vs 27-28

Separate me out from worldly thought. Help me to distinguish and be wise enough to understand Your Path of Life. May I think according to Your Ways, follow Your Course of Life in every mode of action or conversation, as is written in Your Law. Then I will truly ponder, muse upon and pray about your hidden Things – Your Treasures. My innermost being weeps with grief at the awareness of how deeply I have disappointed You, having deviated repeatedly from Your Path of Truth. Raise me up and establish me firmly in Your Word.

Vs 29- 30

In Your mercy, Father, please cause the empty and deceitful manners and customs of this world to be hateful to me. Cut them out of my heart that I will not do them anymore. In their place, in Your mercy, please stoop down to grant me the kindness of blessing me to walk and live in Your Torah. I see the Door. And I have chosen to join the firm and secure Path of Truth. I choose to be faithful to You. I choose to compare my life to Your divine Law. I will adjust my life to resemble Your Character, that I may make plain what a privilege it is to serve You to all who see me.

vs 31-32

Whereas I formerly clung to the World (see beginning of Dalet section), now I cling to and pursue the Testimony of Yahshua. I am becoming, by Your Grace, one of them who keep the Commandments of YAH and has the Testimony of Yahshua the Messiah! As such, I will not be made pale with shame upon Your Return. Nor will I be confounded to discover only at meeting You in Person that I have become dry and do not belong to You, having been self-deceived. I whole heartedly guard and rush to post, in every manner and course of my life, the Way of Your Torah. And I will be enabled to do this more and more effectively as You honor my choice to serve You by clearing out the former garbage and making room in my mind, will and emotions

In essence these 8 verses are speaking about how our ways aren’t adequate and how His way is the only way .  His pathway not our pathway .

Dalet refers to the door of our heart

Gen: 4: 7  --  sin crouches at your door – your heart – open or closed to sin – God the Father said to Cain you have to master it

Exodus 12: 7  -  take the blood and apply it to the two side posts and on the upper door posts -of your heart -  blood is applied to the heart

Mat 6:6 – prayer shut the door – in other words shut the door of your heart to the world and open the door of your heart to God

Mat 25:  10 – the door will shut at some point by the Lord -   Just as the door was shut to the ark in Noah’s day so the door to Jesus will be shut in the future

Rev 3:20

I stand at the “door” and knock (  the door of your heart)

John 10: 7-19

This letter represents a door ---   Jesus is the door -----  are you also a door ?  Yes

Psalm 24 1-10

The earth is the Lords – dalet refers to creation – on the 4th day light was created to divide the day from the night – lights were for signs, seasons, days, years

God created two lights – Sun

-              Moon    to give light during the day and the night

-              And to rule over the day and the night and to divide the light from the darkness

-              Vs 4  He who has clean hands an a pure heart (open heart- door)

-              vs 7 be lifted up you gated and age abiding doors that the King of Glory may come in

number 4 in scripture speaks to north, south east and West

-              four riverheads flowed out of eden

-              Four is the number of the great elements—earth, air, fire, and water.

-              Four are the seasons of the year—spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

-              They are the four heads of animal creation: the lion, of wild beasts; the ox, of tame beasts; the eagle, of birds; and man the head of all. Again we have the four divided into 3 + 1: three animal, and one human.

Hebrews 2: 4 ,  God bears witness(4 areas)  signs, wonders, miracles, gifts of the Holy Spirit

Four types of soil in the parable of the sower --   wayside, stony, thorny, good

-              The Godhead – 3 plus 1 (you and me)


-              4th commandment – Sabbath rest –

The fulness of material blessing in the earth is described in Isaiah 60:17:—

-              For brass I will bring gold.

-              For iron I will bring silver.

-              For wood I will bring brass.

-              For stones I will bring iron.

The sphere of suffering is four-fold in 2 Corinthians 4:8, 9:—

-              Troubled, but not distressed.

-              Perplexed, but not in despair.

-              Persecuted, but not forsaken.

-              Cast down, but not destroyed.

The four in the furnace

-              Shadrach [human]

-              Meshach [human]

-              Abednego [human]

-              The son of God, Spiritual.

Traditional Jewish sages identify 4 levels of interpretation of the scriptures

-               P’shat – literal meaning based on historical intent of author

-                Remez – hint, allusion, analogy, allegory

-                D’rash – application, exposition

-                Sod – mystery, “deep” meaning

The word for knowledge in Hebrew da’at means the door on the eye using Hebrew pictoral language


The Word for religion is dat – and in pictoral form means “the door of the cross”

  “ the Father(aleph) sent His Son(bet) and by means of the Holy Spirit(gimel)

     Who makes appeal to the poor and needy to receive the grace of the Lord”

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