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October 8, 2017. 

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Mon, 01/23/2017 - 14:01 -- Gen Richards

Bet – 2nd Letter of Hebrew Aleph Beit

Beit  - second letter -    pictorially – is in shape of house, tent – meaning household, into, family

                                          Numerically – it is the number 2 in Hebrew – speaks of duality

                                         Represents the son – Jesus

   Bethany -  date house

  Bethlehem- house of bread – where was Jesus born – the bread of life was born in the house of bread

 Bethphage – fig house

Bethsaida- fishing house

What is the difference between the scriptures and the Word of God

  The Word of God is spiritual and alive – a person.  You can take the scriptures out of someones’s hands but you can’t take the Word out of their heart. The scriptures are the beautiful stained glass and the Word is the ray of sunlight coming through the glass. 

Gen 1: 1 – in the beginning is the Hebrew Breisheet – word that starts with beit

Beit is closed at the top, bottom and to the left -  we only need to be concerned with what is coming from the beginning – everything comes from Jesus and proceeds from Jesus – Jesus is the head of the house

Matthew 21: 42

     God created the World through Words -  Father is Av,  Son is ben – word for stone is aven – aleph/beit /noon  -  therefore the stone the builders rejected made up of the Father and the Son is Jesus

Stumbling stone for Jews – Yeshua   Hosea 4:6, 14:6

Stumbling stone for Christians – torah -   same stone we are stumbling over

Col 1:16- 18

Jesus is before all things  ----   all things consist by Him – Jesus is the head  - Jesus is the beginning – Jesus is the firstborn ---- Jesus has all pre-eminence

Gen 1: 1 -    --   John 1: 1 in Hebrew --  fourth word in Gen 1 only translated in Hebrew and is aleph / tav

The fourth Word in John 1: 4 is the Word – the Aleph/tav  is the Word which is Jesus --  Jesus is the cornerstone – the first three letters  of the word Breisheet is the Hebrew word – bara – second word of Genesis 1:1 -   -- 

Hebrews 1: 3 ---   everthing is held up by the Word of God -   the Jewish sages say when God Spoke the world into existence , His Words were not only one time commands but continue to echo and pulsate like a song through creation to continue to uphold the universe

Matthew 24: 35

  In other words Yeshua was saying what the Father spoke at creation- the heavens and the earth will pass away but what He says, His Words will never pass away

First Hebrew word in lexicon beginning with beit

Beaw – an entrance to a building – comes from bow meaning to go or come -  think of Gen 1

Plsam 119: 130  - the very entrance is light

Next word is baar – means to dig, engrave, explain or declare -  same word also means a well numbers 21:16-17 

Bara – means to create , or create out of nothing - 

Banah – to build – Gen 2:22 --    built a woman - 

Son of God created all things and Yeshua built all things

Hebrews 11: 10  - builder and maker two separate words

John 10:9 -        beit is like a sheep pen -  when released during the day, though free from the sheepfold they now must walk in obedience to the shepherd, both the shepherd and the pen provide protection but following the shepherd is much more exiting --  the walls of the sheep pen are like the written torah – an external restraint.  Obedience to the shepherd is internal and more demanding but much more exciting   -- beit  is like the torah ---   law was a school master -  purpose of school master to teach you and to put torah on the inside --- Jesus has put the law in our heart

Gen 1:6   -      2nd day God created a house for birds and the fish

2nd commandment – don’t make any graven image – deut 5:8

-              2 speaks of duality  -- ten commandments -  two tablets of stone - 

-              On one relate to God ---- on the other relate to man

-              1st I am the Lord    --------  don’t kill    Gen 9:6   don’t destroy what is the image of God

-              2nd no strange Gods -------  don’t commit adultery – parallel

God created things in duality

  Man and woman  ----- heaven and earth -----   light and darkness – the world and the world to come

   Duality – unity  ---   heavnes need the earth ---  man needs the woman

Harmony in creation involves contrasting phenomena.  Heaven gives light and rain, earth receives it and produces fruit – the heaven can’t say to the earth I’m greater than you, I wouldlike the sky to produce an apple.  Adam and Eve were not complete without each other

Lev 26: 1-5  -----  nature responds when God’s laws are observed

Weather report is based on obedience not what the weatherman says


Gen 3: 16-18

  Earth responded to mans sin

By observing torah we can cause numberless forces of nature to function harmoniously

The jewish sages taught that one hour in the world to come is worth more than an entire life of this world, on the other hand there is nothing in the world to come that can match one hour of a human studying and living out  torah in this world  , because only in this world can you earn rewards in the world to come. Now is the only time to earn rewards, once you enter the world to come you cannot perform even one more thing to increase your share there

1Cor 3:12-16   the test is now

  This world was created to provide for us an opportunity to reach the highest possible in the world to come

You are a house – the house of God  - the temple of the Holy Spirit

Not building just for now we are building for the world to come – this is what God wants for each of us

Beit means house alluding to the focal point of holiness on earth – the temple of the Holy Ghost

Isaiah 66: 1-2

 We are to be His sanctuary ,

    Resting in a person who is humble and a contrite heart --  what is the difference between house and home ---  home is where the heart is --  the word for house is beit  = numerical value is 412

                                                                        The word for temple = numerical value is 444

The difference is 32 – the numerical value of lev – the word for heart – love is to control the house


Psalm 119: 9-16

Centered around the letter beit – each verse starts with letter beit

n               House / heart – beit means to be inside

n             Vs 9 – guard your heart

n             Vs 10 – seek with whole heart – prevents you from wandering

n             Vs 11 – word hidden in heart – to prevent from sinning

n             Vs 12 – teach in the heart  your statutes

n             Vs 13 – lips -  Joshua 1: and out of the mouth the heart speaks

n             Vs 14- rejoice in the heart

n             Vs 15 – meditate in the heart

n             Vs 26 – delight in the heart of statutes and will not forget in my heart

In bresheet also implies the purpose of creation – beit can mean in, for, on the behalf of

Resheet is yeshua- for Yeshua, by Yeshua, first fruits --  reishet means that which is first


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